Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The unspoiled,untamed Pennsylvania wild

Pennsylvania as we all know is not all about declaration of independence, The liberty bell, Hershey's park,The Amish country side or Gettysburg , there is a wilder and mysterious side to it which is yet unspoiled, untamed and untouched to a large extent by us!

The Allegheny mountains with charming quaint villages, lush forest with abundance of scenic roads , natural trails , breathtaking mountain views is all quite hypnotizing.
Hidden deep inside the Pennsylvanian mountain is Potter county(In north central Pa).Thousands of acres of pristine deep densely packed woods.Even stars shine extra bright in potter county---Cherry spring state park is the first dark sky preserve in Pennsylvania.The park is 0% light pollution.This place is an astronomer's paradise

Lyman run state park , Susquehannock state  park are just a few we touched on our short trip!

Pine creek Gorge---commonly refered as Grand Canyon Of Pennsylvania is a visual feast.There are smaller and less challenging trails to take or some steep ones which takes us down to the river .
Visit here http://www.visittiogapa.com/canyon.html to learn more.

                                                              Tioga- Hammond Lake Pa.

Frosty Hollow our night stay ...

The picturesque historic town of Coudersport is where we stayed.
Driving through and spending a couple of nights in this wildeness was definitely worth a visit over the weekend.Every turn through the winding paths wowed us more than the previous.An unforgettable journey for sure.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range arising  along the Tennessee - North Carolina border in the southeastern USA.It is a subrange of the Appalachian and forms a part of the Blue Ridge mountain chain.The name smoky is largely due to the fog which hangs above the range and looks like smoke Plumes.
We visited THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK last Memorial day weekend(May 2010).
Our starting point was Baltimore , Maryland(our home base).Driving a total distance of approximately 500 miles through the states of Virginia , Tennessee , North Carolina  and Georgia we reached the mountain park.
Though the drive was a little tiring...but the final destination , the beautiful vistas, the waterfall , the mountain ranges and immense greenery around us was out of the world!!
Come let's see a few pictures I took amongst many.

The rising fog on the Great Smoky

Blue Ridge Mountain

As far as the I eye could see...it was a potpourri of green and blue

Near North Carolina and Tennessee state line

Blue Ridge mountain from an overlook